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Introducing the Latest Job Opportunities in the Water Management & Irrigation Department, Gilgit Baltistan, in October 2023:

As the calendar rolls to October 2023, the Water Management & Irrigation Department in Gilgit Baltistan gives a fresh assortment of career prospects. These roles provide the potential to be a part of crucial projects in water management and irrigation, contributing to the growth and sustainability of this gorgeous region. In this introduction, we will discuss the great career possibilities, credentials, and application requirements, providing you a thorough understanding of the exciting opportunities that await in this department. 

Job Discription:

The Government of Gilgit Baltistan offers an invitation to candidates for several jobs, including:

 Deputy Director Agricultural Engineering,
 Director Agricultural Engineering,
 Project Director,
Enthusiastic people who satisfy the prerequisites are urged to submit their applications online before the closing date. The minimum educational qualification for these occupations is a Master's degree (MSc). It is essential for candidates to properly check the official job announcement before commencing the application process. Please note that the deadline for employment applications is October 10, 2023. Don't miss this opportunity to help to the development of Gilgit Baltistan's water management and irrigation sector.

Importent Information About Job:

Posting Date:                      September 26, 2023

Source of Job Listing:         Dawn Newspaper

Category/Sector:                Government

Employment Type:              Full-Time

Required Education:           Matric to MSc

Industry:                             Water Management & Irrigation Department

FinalDate:                           October 10, 2023

Job Location:                      Gilgit Baltistan

Online Apply:

You can online apply on the official website of the Water Management & Irrigation Department in Gilgit Baltistan. You may generally discover the official website by doing a web search or by referring to the job advertisement.

Application Submitting Method:

Individuals interested in applying for the position should properly research the advertisement, taking note of the precise job title, and ensuring they submit their applications by the stipulated date.



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